Servo ISA-7 Series

• High-Performance Position/Speed/Torque control and Mixed control mode.

• Support 200W ~ 2kW motor / drive.

• Within 1kW models can be used a single phase  220V power supply.

• Separated from the main power and control power supply, improve the stability of the driver.

• More than 400W models built-in regenerative resistor, reducing wiring and costs.

• Parameter Group management, Easy to use and tuning.

• Notch Filter and Low-Frequency vibration suppression support.

• Max. 4Mpps (Line receiver).  Implements high precision positioning control.

• Support the high resolution 17-bit incremental encoder. (20bit incremental encoder is expected to 2017-Q1 Release).

• Provide ISA-Soft utility software, can be edit, parameters, monitor the status and oscilloscopes.


Speed control range
Analog speed command 1:2000, internal speed command 1:5000
Frequency response characteristic
550Hz maximum
Command source
External analog signal/Internal parameters
Smooth strategy
Low-pass and S-curve filter
Analog speed command input
0 to ±10 VDC/ rated speed (Speed at 10V is changeable with parameter) (input impedance: 10kΩ to 12kΩ)
Speed fluctuation rate
±0.01% maximum (load fluctuation: 0 to 100%), 0% (power fluctuation: ±10%)
± 0.2% maximum (ambient temperature: 25°C ±10°C) only when using analog speed command
Torque limit
Set by parameters or external analog input (0 to +10 VDC/maximum torque)
Command source
External analog signal
Smooth strategy
Low-pass filter
Analog torque command input
0 to ±8VDC/maximum torque (input impedance: 10kΩ to 12kΩ)
Speed limit
Set by parameters or external analog input (0 to ±10VDC/rated speed)
Servo functions
Auto-tuning, auto notch filter, auto vibration suppression control
Compliance to standards
IEC/EN 61800-5-1,UL508C
Indoors (no direct sunlight); no corrosive gas, inflammable gas, oil mist or dust