Bilyalı Vida ve Aksesuarları
  • Cost effective positioning drive without an encoder
  • High power density
  • Long operational lifetimes
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Speed range up to 16 000 rpm using a current mode chopper driver
  • Possibility of full step, half step and microstep operation
  • Extremely low rotor inertia
  • Ideally suited for micro-stepping applications
Stepper Motors - two phase
Holding torque
(2 times nom. current)
full steps per turn
ADM 062069.30.2820
ADM 122012204.120
ADM 1220 S12204.120
AM 0820813.8120
AM 10201015.82.420
AM 15241516.51024
AM 22242227.53724
AM 2224 R32230.73724
Lead Screws and Options – PRECIstep® Technology
Precision (per pitch)
M1,2 x 0,25 x L11.20.25< 0,5
M1,6 x 0,35 x L11.60.35< 0,5
M2 x 0,2 x L120.2< 0,5
M2,5 x 0,25 x L12.50.25< 0,5
M3 x 0,5 x L130.5< 0,5
Drive Electronics
SeriesDSIMDrive TypeUB
FunctionalityMax. Current per Phase
Max. Step Frequency
(full step / s)
AD_CM_MCurrent Control10 ... 24full/half step0.56,000
AD_VL_MVoltage Control3 ... 14full/half step0.42,000
AD_VM_MVoltage Control6 ... 24full/half step0.52,000
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